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Innovating IoTSolutions for aSustainable Future

Specializing in energy-efficient IoT solutions for smart buildings advancements.

Collect, monitor and control your data

Welcome to KUKI, where innovation meets efficiency in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT). Nestled in the south of France, our studio is dedicated to pioneering sustainable, data-driven IoT solutions designed to revolutionize energy management in sports facilities, smart buildings, and agriculture. With a passion for technological excellence and a commitment to environmental stewardship, we harness the power of advanced sensors, analytics, and connected devices to empower businesses and communities towards a smarter, greener future.

KUKI’s solutions provide end-to-end services from specific sensors integration to data visualization and business intelligence.

Monitor your energy data, performance data, flow data and sports data.

KUKI uses IoT (Internet of Things) to digitize field data into analytical data reported in beautiful dashboards.


KUKI IoT OS is based on a full-stack IoT process, providing specific sensors to collect your data, cloud database to stock your data, API to analyze your data and beautiful dashboards to visualize your data.

We rely on a solid network of technical partners with a strong focus on the latest IoT technologies such as 5/4G, RFID, Thread, BLE, Ultrasound and LoRaWAN.

We help companies stay highly relevant in their data analysis by developing business intelligence solutions

The Challenge

We confront a multifaceted challenge that stands at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and rapid industry evolution. Our primary endeavor is to develop cutting-edge IoT solutions that not only cater to the dynamic needs of sports facilities, smart buildings, and agriculture but also adhere to the highest standards of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Navigating through a landscape marked by fast-paced technological advancements and an increasing emphasis on ecological responsibility, our challenge extends beyond mere innovation. It involves a continuous commitment to understanding and integrating emerging technologies while balancing the delicate equation of operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ecological impact. This complex mission drives us to not just create solutions, but to inspire a shift towards more intelligent and sustainable industry practices, shaping a future where technology and nature coexist in a synergistic harmony.

The Approach

Our approach is anchored in a deep commitment to innovation, user-centric design, and environmental sustainability. We begin by meticulously analyzing the unique requirements of each sector we serve, be it sports facilities, smart buildings, or agricultural endeavors. Leveraging our expertise in IoT technology, we craft bespoke solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also intuitive and user-friendly. Central to our philosophy is the integration of sustainable practices, ensuring that our solutions contribute positively to the environment while enhancing operational efficiency. Through a collaborative process, we work closely with our clients, engaging in ongoing dialogue to refine and adapt our solutions, ensuring they remain agile and effective in the face of evolving technological landscapes. Our approach is a blend of creativity, technical excellence, and a forward-thinking mindset, striving to deliver IoT solutions that are not only impactful today but also resilient and adaptable for the challenges of tomorrow.


Data collection platforms for a wide range of industries
Sport Facilities
Sport Events
Smart Buildings
Smart Farming/Cattle
Office Management
Sport Athletes

As the manager of a busy ice rink, I was constantly challenged by high energy bills and inefficiencies. KUKI’s energy audit service was a game-changer. Their detailed analysis and tailored recommendations have significantly reduced our energy costs and improved our operational efficiency. We are now more sustainable and cost-effective, thanks to their expert team.

Rémy Boehler – Olympic Games IceMaster and Pralognan ice rink manager



Discover our cutting-edge energy audit services, specifically tailored for ice rinks and swimming pools. Our service identifies energy inefficiencies, reduces costs, and improves sustainability. Utilizing advanced analytics, we provide actionable insights for optimal performance and environmental stewardship in sports facilities.


Maximize efficiency in ice skating equipment rentals with SukiTO, our RFID-based stock management solution. SukiTO revolutionizes inventory control, ensuring quick, accurate handling of skate rentals. Ideal for ice rinks, this RFID solution simplifies tracking, reduces equipment loss, and optimize maintenance management. Upgrade to SukiTO for streamlined inventory management and operational excellence in your skating rental business..