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Smart Space Occupancy
IoT Technology
Office Space Management
Hybrid Work
Eco-Friendly Office

Optimizing Workspaces, Enhancing Efficiency: Smart Occupancy Solutions for the Modern Office.

Redefine workspace efficiency with our Smart Space Occupancy Solution, tailored for modern offices. Utilizing advanced IoT Technology, this solution transforms Office Space Management by providing real-time occupancy data.

Our system ensures optimal space utilization, enhancing Employee Comfort and productivity while reducing operational costs. Key features like Occupancy Analytics and Automated Environmental Controls adapt to the dynamic needs of office environments. This technology also supports Hybrid Work models by enabling flexible scheduling and space allocation. Embracing our solution leads to a more efficient, comfortable, and Eco-Friendly Office space, aligning with today’s sustainability goals.

Office Utilization
Meeting Room Occupancy
Based on real-time data, the Milesight workplace occupancy sensor allows for effective workplace utilization through usage management by detecting the presence in a meeting room, which is useful for last-minute bookings. It can also detect unused but reserved rooms and release the resource allowing other accesses if needed. Moreover, it could generate a true understanding of meeting room usage through extensive reporting.
Cubicle Detection
Workstation Detection