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/ 01
/ Introduction

We facilitate data-driven digital transformation by creating IoT “Internet of Things” solutions and innovative customer experiences. We popularize the “data driven” approach in order to offer simple and inspiring solutions.

Our work process can be summed up in the synergy between data, technology and design. We use the strengths of IoT to collect data, then we popularize it through our creative process. We view design as a tool and a way to improve the user interface and make it simple and accessible.

Every day we try to solve customer problems by offering universal solutions. Accessibility and simplicity have always been the main drivers in our work. We always keep in mind our desire to innovate for our future customers.

Each project and partnership is unique and requires originality and creativity to achieve a personalized solution. However, the common denominator of all our projects is complexity. We therefore follow a precise and established workflow, based on a “quality” approach in order to guarantee the final delivery of the project.

/ 02
/ Our Workflow

Each project starts with the analysis of resource requirements, tools & methodologies required. We identify the processes that will be used to facilitate project monitoring.

Our process toolkit includes proven and validated “quality” methodologies. The definition of the project framework is done in close collaboration with the client in order to guarantee total transparency on the project.

Our project management follows a PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) approach, giving us flexibility and agility.