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/ 01
/ Introduction

IoT Innovation
Sustainable Solutions
Data-Driven Efficiency

We are a digital studio based in Aix-en-Provence, which uses IoT (Internet of Things) and Data to create interactive solutions and innovative user experiences.

/ 02
/ Our Mission and Vision

Ethical Data Utilization
Technological Synergy
Impactful IoT Solutions

Our mission is to solve complex customer problems by creating impactful and meaningful solutions, while maintaining integrity in the use of Data.

Our desire is to give meaning to Data by promoting it ethically. The deployment of 5G will undoubtedly be a major future challenge for the IoT and we wish to sustainably mix the different synergies between these technologies.

/ 03
/ Our Customers

Global Client Collaboration
Innovative Product Development
Quality-Focused Network

Our clients are in tune with the evolution of today’s world and have become aware of the potential and economic value of Data as a tool for exploring new commercial and innovative opportunities. Through a collaborative process, we develop unique products and solutions that create impact and drive change.

We are fortunate to work with excellent clients from all over the world to develop innovative projects. Our agency located in Aix-en-Provence is associated with a network of leading partners who share the same concern for quality.