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Urban Energy Efficiency
IoT Technology
Smart Building
Predictive Analytics
Environmental Sustainability

Empowering Urban Efficiency: Smart Energy Solutions for Buildings and Cities.

Revolutionize urban energy efficiency with our Energy Monitoring Solution, tailored for buildings and cities. Our innovative system leverages cutting-edge IoT Technology to track and manage energy usage in real time, transforming how buildings and urban landscapes consume power.

Focused on Smart Building and Smart City integration, our solution provides comprehensive insights into energy consumption patterns, enabling effective management and reduction of operational costs. With our advanced Predictive Analytics, city planners and building managers can forecast energy needs, optimizing resource allocation for maximum efficiency. Our commitment to Environmental Sustainability drives us to help cities and buildings significantly lower their carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier, greener urban environment.

HVAC System Control
Realize intelligent and energy-saving HVAC system control
Switch/Lighting Control
Light switch on/off in a proper time and manner or cut energy down intelligently
Indoor Air Quality Improvement
Monitor key air quality indexs in real-time for better environments
Security Monitoring
Intrusion detection and one-press alarm
People Counting & Occupancy
Real-time and long-term people flow and space utilization networking forming
Smart Trash Bin System
To improve efficiency and management to get better profits
Water Leakage Monitoring
Improve building environment monitoring to avoid potential water leakage risks and damage
Smart Parking System
Realize intelligent and efficient parking management
Energy & Power consumption in kWh & kW
Energy consumption (3-phases) kWh/day (1 reading/day) and cumulative over a selected period ( data collected /day) Power consumption (3-phases) kW in real time and/or over a selected period ( data collected /5min)
Water consumption
Water consumption in m3 of the building