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Skating Ahead: Streamlining Rental Management with SukiTO’s Innovative RFID Solution

Revolutionize your ice skating shoe rental management with SukiTO, a seamless Plug-and-Play solution.

SukiTO utilizes advanced UHF RFID Technology to optimize the lifecycle management of ice skating shoes. By integrating RFID tags under the shoe soles, our system enables Real-Time Tracking of stock in and out movements, enhancing Stock Security and maintenance efficiency.

The solution is expertly designed to facilitate Skate Sharpening scheduling, Lace Replacement, and other maintenance activities, ensuring each pair of skates is always in top condition. Ideal for ice rinks and skating centers, SukiTO simplifies inventory management while improving the quality and safety of your rental equipment.

Embrace the future of ice skating shoe rentals with SukiTO, where technology meets precision in stock and maintenance management.

Skate Smart: Real-Time Insights and Robust Hardware with SukiTO and AWS

Step into the future of skate rental management with the hardware prowess of SukiTO.

At the core of SukiTO is our state-of-the-art RFID hardware, meticulously designed to provide Real-Time Inventory Monitoring for ice skating shoes. Each pair of skates is equipped with a durable, high-performance RFID tag placed under the sole, ensuring precise tracking and data accuracy.

Our robust SukiTO boxes, strategically positioned at key points, are equipped with advanced UHF RFID antennas. These antennas are responsible for capturing skate movements in and out of the stock, offering customers a live view of Available Skate Pairs via an intuitive interface. Additionally, our system leverages the power of AWS (Amazon Web Services) for secure, scalable cloud-based data management. This integration ensures seamless monitoring and offers valuable insights into inventory levels, maintenance schedules, and customer preferences.

Skate with Precision: Streamlining Rental Management with SukiTO’s Innovative Features

Our user-friendly dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your rental operations, displaying real-time data on skate usage, availability, and maintenance schedules, enabling efficient management with just a glance.
Stock Yield
Maximize your stock yield with SukiTO’s efficient tracking system. Monitor usage patterns and optimize your inventory levels to ensure the right balance between demand and supply, reducing overstock and shortages.
Stock Security
Enhance your stock security with SukiTO’s RFID technology. Track each pair of skates from check-out to return, significantly reducing the risk of loss or theft, and maintaining a secure rental environment.
Maintenance Management
Streamline maintenance processes with SukiTO. Keep track of maintenance needs such as skate sharpening and lace replacement, scheduling timely services to ensure each pair of skates is in perfect condition for your customers.
Purchase Improvement
Make informed purchasing decisions with SukiTO’s analytics. Understand usage trends and skate lifespan, allowing you to invest wisely in new stock and replace items efficiently, optimizing your purchasing strategy.
Suitable for All Types of Skating Shoes
SukiTO’s versatile design makes it compatible with all types of skating shoes. Whether for figure skating, hockey, or leisure, our system seamlessly adapts, ensuring accurate tracking and management regardless of the skate style.